Melon Laptop Privacy filter for13.3″ wide(16:9) display,Side Mounted


• Blue light reduction
• Left & Right 180° 2way Privacy
• Microlouver technology creates a narrow viewing angle of 30° each side
• Anti-Glare coating is applied to block 95% of the glare
• Reversible between a glossy side and glare-reducing matte
• Reduce eyestrain for more comfort
• Scratch resistance
• Minimize fingerprint & dust
• Easy to apply & remove



sensitive information on your Notebook – and your privacy!Especially in public areas, the data on notebook screens is hard to conceal from the view of passer-by’s and protect your eyes from harmful rays.

Product: Privacy Filter for 13.3″ wide (16:9) display,Side Mounted
Size: 294mm * 166 mm
Make: Melon
Made: Made in Taiwan
Model: MS9213
Warranty: 2 years
Material: PET